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    You Just Need Someone To Show You Exactly What To Do!

What’s the story with Facebook Ads?

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These are some of the questions we often get asked. 


After 7 years of running thousands of Facebook ads worth hundreds of thousands of dollars across dozens of niche markets, I can tell you that Facebook ads do work in the overwhelming majority of Industries & markets out there.


With 1.6 Billion people on Facebook and another 800 million on Instagram (Owned by Facebook) every businesses prospective customers are on the platform to some degree, even if you think they are not.


The key is to know how to find your audience, then get in front of them and do so in a manner that will generate real sales, new leads or increased brand awareness. 

Instant On Demand Advice

Pay For Only The Help You Get

We work with businesses, digital marketers, solo entrepreneurs as well as digital marketing agencies.


Whilst these 3 groups are very different in their requirements and goals they wish to achieve, many of them share a common trait.


They know they need help with their ads as they have not been able to make them work successfully and profitably.


At the same time they all have some knowledge of Facebook Ads and know more than the average person out there.


That makes them feel very uncomfortable about forking out $3,000 per month minimum to a Facebook Ads agency who want to run everything in the ad campaign creation & management process, including many things they already know how to do!

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What they really need is someone who really understands Facebook Advertising to advise them on the best way to fix their current ads whilst guiding them through new campaigns they create until such time that they are able to do the ads themselves.


That is exactly what Fix My Facebook Ads does!


We provide businesses, digital marketers and DM agencies a simple and fast way to get the advice, knowledge and expert help with Facebook ads they require without wasting money on unnecessary services they already know how to do.


Click on one of the options below to see information specific to your type of business set up and unique situation.

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How We Fix Your Facebook Ads

3 Simple Steps To Ad Success

Step 1

You complete a brief discovery form & provide access to your ad account or ad performance reports

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Step 2

We audit your ad campaigns & sales pages thoroughly looking for areas of improvement

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Step 3

We video conference & explain to you / staff where you’re at + what changes you should make

We developed the “Fix My Facebook Ads” service as an affordable way for business owners, marketers & digital agencies to fast track their results by having someone cut through all the BS & show them exactly what to do to make their Facebook ads work!

Fix My Facebook Ads is part of the digital marketing company, Disruptive Cartel (DC)

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  • DC is an digital marketing & consulting business owned by Scott Linklater who’s been involved in online marketing since 2001
  • Scott was the owner of Just Social Media providing social media marketing services as well as developing several Facebook and IOS / Android apps including Fans2page
  • His current online eCommerce business generates in excess of $100,000 per month
  • Scott and his team have built some of the highest rating fan pages on Facebook that have produced incredible results for clients and self managed projects over the last 7 years
  • In 2013 A page managed by Scott and his team was ranked the number 3 page in the world by Likealyser ranking by Metwater
  • Scott & his team specialise in Facebook Marketing & Advertising, advanced retargeting, online contests, building & optimising sales funnels & customer value optimisation

Client Reviews & Facebook Ad Results

Scott (from Disruptive Cartel) was fast, thorough & added 25,000 new followers to my page & thousands of new visitors to my website in under 4 months!

Nick Maxwell

Disruptive Cartel had an immediate impact with vast knowledge & expertise in social & sales processes. We were surprised at how fast we saw measurable results!

Gab Vargas

Our online sales are up over $15,000 per month and represent a 30% increase in sales company wide since working with Disruptive Cartel

Kirstie Vinken

Our Ecommerce business went from a stagnant $30,000 per month to $120,000 per month in revenue in 10 months after following the advice given by Fix My Facebook Ads! 

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Our Secret Weapon

Even the most skilled ad experts struggle from time to time.


This is because what works in one industry can differ wildly from another. And there’s hundreds of different verticals out there. 


Fortunately we recognised this early on & over the last 6 years we’ve built a worldwide network of contacts, associates, friends and business partners within the Facebook ad industry that we can tap into to provide an unparalleled level of high level expert information on hundreds of niches. 


It’s like hiring a huge team of experts for the price of one & ultimately this gives those businesses that work with us an unfair advantage you won’t find many other places! 

The Good News

This is a new service we’re offering for 2018 & because we are testing the waters and we need to build up some quality social proof around this new brand name we’re offering this service well below what we want to and what will become our regular pricing.

This is not a pitch, it’s exactly how it is. If this service goes as well as we expect we will quickly need to raise the price as demand will become an issue and we don’t outsource your work to anyone. 


Results or Your Money back!

We stand behind the quality of our work. If you implement the changes we recommend and don’t see an improvement in your results, we will happily give you your money back.


The Not So Good News

I honestly don’t know exactly how long it will be at these prices so if you’re interested, now is the time to jump on board! It would be highly unlikely we would continue these prices for very long so whilst we will always offer exceptional value, you will save significantly the earlier in our infancy that you engage our services. 


Plus you’re covered by our money back guarantee so there’s no risk for you!


Book Your Spot Now!

If you want to finally start winning with Facebook advertising, without paying a fortune to an agency, without doing another online marketing course & without wasting money paying for things you already know how to do, book a session below that best suits your business and let us help you fix your Facebook ads and start getting you the results you should be!

FB Ad Account Report

1 Session

1 hour account research and auditing

PDF Notes from Audit

1 hour video conference

Copy of video conference

Money Back Guarantee


FB Ad Account Service

1 Extended Session

90 minutes account research and auditing

PDF Notes from Audit

90 minute video conference

Copy of video conference

Money Back Guarantee


FB Ad Account Audit

3 Sessions

2 hours account research and auditing

PDF Notes from Audit

3 x 1 hour video conferences

Copy of 3 video conferences

Money Back Guarantee


For more details on how we can help your business, marketing or agency fix your Facebook ads, please click on the option below that best describes your business……….

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