image of Instagram modelWant to build your Instagram followers? One low hanging fruit method is to get all your Facebook fans to follow you on Instagram.

It’s an easy crowd as they’ve already liked you on FB.

But how to reach your Facebook fans that also hit up Instagram on a regular basis?

You could run an Facebook ad with a link to your Instagram profile but it would be much better if it was all done directly on Instagram.

As some would know the issue with Instagram ads is they do not have a follow button showing on ads that allow someone to click and follow the account, which makes things tricky for a start.

There is a way to do this though quickly, effectively & easily.


Instagram Hack:

Setup a campaign in Power Editor or Facebook Ads Manager with reach as the objective and build an adset with Instagram as the only placement.

Click on connections >>>> Facebook Pages >>>>> People who like my page and select this option.

Enter the country locations that you want the ads to focus on.

Create the ad to run on instagram and use the 4:5 ratio size image for a large vertical image in the newsfeed. That’s 1080 x 1350 in pixels.

Then add in your copy to the ad similar to this one i am using:


Thanks for liking us on Facebook™. To see more awesome [insert product here] on Instagram™ click “Learn More” above & then click “follow”

You also need to tick the box to include a web URL. I then run a short link that links directly to the Instagram profile URL.

This means anyone that clicks “Learn More” will be taken directly to your profile where they will see the follow button right in front of them.

So you end up with ads on Instagram that will only be seen by your Facebook fans that are also there too and you are giving them a clear and simple call to action for following you on Instagram as well.

You could also exclude an audience made up of people who interacted with your Instagram business account if you wanted to.

Hope that helps some of you crew!