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Disruptive Cartel Refund Policy:

Disruptive Cartel provides Internet, online and social media related services. Unless specifically and clearly stated in the details of the purchase agreement, services purchased through Disruptive Cartel are not refundable after purchase due to their intangible nature.

Disruptive Cartel will however provide services at a level above what is considered to be adequate and if any client has any concerns regarding services purchased then I ask you to contact me immediately at

At certain times products and services offered by Disruptive Cartel may include warranties, guarantees or offers. In this event, the conditions will be clearly laid out in the documentation supporting the product. These warranties are limited to the product or service specified and to the sales promotion at that time.

Regardless of any policy stated here or anywhere else by Disruptive Cartel, I ask any customer who has any concerns regarding the policy or other terms and conditions to contact us at any time to discuss the matter.

Whilst strict terms are required in this day and age, it is the policy of this company to ensure that every single client of ours is happy and believes they received a fair price for a quality product or service. We will always strive to ensure that occurs despite any policy or stated terms and conditions.

We will always endeavour to do everything we can to ensure our clients are happy.

Thank you