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 You Don’t Need To Employ Specialised Staff

 You Don’t Need To Outsource To A Facebook Agency!

  You Just Need Someone Who Knows Facebook Ads To Show You Exactly What To Do!

Specialised service for Digital Marketing
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We Analyse Your Clients Facebook Ads

Then Show You Exactly What To Do!



After 7 years of running thousands of Facebook ads worth hundreds of thousands of dollars across dozens of niche markets, I know how well Facebook ads can work and how profitable they can be.


However, I completely understand why many digital marketing agencies that operate in other areas online think they’re a complete waste of money!

Let me explain the issues and provide an alternative solution………………..

The #1 Reason Digital Marketing Agencies

Fail To Make Good Profits With Facebook Ad Services!

Here’s the problem I see many digital marketing agencies facing.


With the rise in the popularity of Facebook advertising, DM agencies start to take enquiries from their clients about doing Facebook ads. They scramble to try to get up to speed and grasp how they work but agencies are often so busy they don’t have the time that’s required to master this new marketing channel to the level they have with other marketing methods.



So they start running ads as an additional service for their clients and they get some OK results with some clients however with others they tank big time!


Now you have nervous management worried it may effect relationships with clients and possibly jeopardise key accounts because of an add-on product that isn’t their core business. That may be an extreme outcome but at the very least, for an agency used to winning big, it is not acceptable and looks bad to clients.


One solution is to hire a dedicated Facebook ads employee. For many agencies this is a big commitment considering its not even a core product for the business but an add on. Also, anyone really good is not going to be cheap.




So plan B is to speak to a dedicated Facebook ad agency about outsourcing their clients Facebook ads or a white-labelling service or similar. The issue that we see raise its head is with the prices most other Facebook ad agencies charge they are unable to break even let alone make a profit outsourcing the work.


Agencies also resent paying premium retail prices to have another agency perform many of the tasks they are capable of doing themselves but because most Facebook ad agencies want to control the entire ad creation and management process or nothing at all, they have little choice.

That’s solution we developed was the “Fix My Facebook Ads” service! It’s an affordable way for digital agencies to keep their clients Facebook ad campaigns in house generating exceptional additional streams of income whilst ensuring they get great results by utilising our expertise via an on demand consulting services that shows agencies exactly what to do to make their clients Facebook ads work!

How We Fix Your Facebook Ads

3 Simple Steps To Ad Success

Step 1

You or your client complete a brief discovery form & provide access to their ad account or ad performance reports

ad research

Step 2

We audit your clients ad campaigns & sales pages thoroughly looking for areas of improvement.

show you

Step 3

We connect with you via video conference & explain to you and/or your staff what changes you should make

Fix My Facebook Ads is part of the digital marketing company, Disruptive Cartel (DC)

dc header
  • DC is an digital marketing & consulting business owned by Scott Linklater who’s been involved in online marketing since 2001
  • Scott was the owner of Just Social Media providing social media marketing services as well as developing several Facebook and IOS / Android apps including Fans2page
  • His current online eCommerce business generates in excess of $100,000 per month
  • Scott and his team have built some of the highest rating fan pages on Facebook that have produced incredible results for clients and self managed projects over the last 7 years
  • In 2013 A page managed by Scott and his team was ranked the number 3 page in the world by Likealyser ranking by Metwater
  • Scott & his team specialise in Facebook Marketing & Advertising, advanced retargeting, online contests, building & optimising sales funnels & customer value optimisation

Client Reviews & Facebook Ad Results

Scott (from Disruptive Cartel) was fast, thorough & added 25,000 new followers to my page & thousands of new visitors to my website in under 4 months!

Nick Maxwell

Disruptive Cartel had an immediate impact with vast knowledge & expertise in social & sales processes. We were surprised at how fast we saw measurable results!

Gab Vargas

Our online sales are up over $15,000 per month and represent a 30% increase in sales company wide since working with Disruptive Cartel

Kirstie Vinken

Our Ecommerce business went from a stagnant $30,000 per month to $120,000 per month in revenue in 10 months after following the advice given by Fix My Facebook Ads! 

FB ad sales total

The Last Piece of The Puzzle

Our Secret Weapon

Even the most skilled ad experts struggle from time to time.


This is because what works in one industry can differ wildly from another. And there’s hundreds of different verticals out there. 


Fortunately we recognised this early on & over the last 7 years we’ve built a worldwide network of contacts, associates, friends and business partners within the Facebook ad industry that we can tap into to provide an unparalleled level of high level expert information on hundreds of niches. 

It’s like hiring a huge team of experts for the price of one & ultimately this gives those agencies that work with us an unfair advantage you won’t find many other places! 

If your an agency and you’d like to keep your Facebook ads in house making you profits whilst providing your clients with the same high level of service you provide for your core services then contact me directly on my personal number 61417722211 to discuss or simply click below to book a session so you can see first hand the results we can achieve for your clients as well as how much easier and profitable we can make running Facebook ads for you!


Money Back Guarantee

We always stand behind our work. If you implement the changes we recommend and don’t see any improvement in your results, we will happily give you your money back.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this page and find out about our new service for digital marketing agencies. I very much appreciate it!


I look forward to speaking with you soon and if we determine our businesses are a good fit, I certainly look forward to working with you in the future.




Scott Linklater

Owner @ Fix My Facebook Ads
& Disruptive Cartel

FB Ad Account Report

1 Session

1 hour account research and auditing

PDF Notes from Audit

1 hour video conference

Copy of video conference

Money Back Guarantee


FB Ad Account Service

1 Extended Session

90 minutes account research and auditing

PDF Notes from Audit

90 minute video conference

Copy of video conference

Money Back Guarantee


FB Ad Account Audit

3 Sessions

2 hours account research and auditing

PDF Notes from Audit

3 x 1 hour video conferences

Copy of 3 video conferences

Money Back Guarantee


Important Note:

This is a new service we’re offering for 2018 & as such we are opening with some seriously good deals to get the ball rolling. These prices are a minimum 30% below what we want our regular pricing to be.

As soon as we get some fresh testimonials from our retail clients and start to fill our calendar up the prices will go up. It isn’t fake scarcity, it’s simply where we are at so please keep that in mind when deciding if or when to engage our services.

We don’t outsource this work overseas, everything is done in house here by me and my team and I personally undertake all consultation sessions. This means we have a limited number of clients we can take on and once this new service is established we will be looking to charge appropriately for this premium service.

Thank you